Teacher Training

Over the years STEP has endeavoured to bring in educational consultants to help develop teaching capacity of staff. This has been done at the request of either teachers, local Directors within the Department of Education or more recently from the KRG (Kurdish Regional Government) Ministry.

In November 2008 STEP undertook its most ambitious training programme in conjunction with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education. Four consultants from the UK worked with three representative from 33 schools from across the three governates of Iraqi Kurdistan. Each week eleven school groups went through a rigorous programme in the company of their supervisors to enhance the management skills of their headteachers and the teaching skills of the teachers. All of these schools are being monitored to ensure progress and as of June 2009 it is encouraging to hear of positive changes. Consideration is now being given to training trainers to replicate the programme. This programme was followed by a training of trainer project in 2010.

Educational consultants from the UK have been visiting since 2002, providing short intense training courses. The Minister of Education has requested continuous inputs, to provide training in teaching methodology for both primary and secondary education. The consultants have been focussing on training head-teachers on learning styles of children and school management.

STEP has ongoing liaison with the Ministry of Education on issues related to working children and education.