(2004-5) Kirkuk IDP Project

With UNDP funding an apprenticeship scheme took place in Kirkuk. Forty young internally displaced men participated in a seven months training course in one of the following: carpentry, car mechanics, car electrics, barbering, or as blacksmith. At the end of their training they were given a starter toolkit. All participants (29) who finished the course, expressed that the course had changed their life and continued to work in the profession they had learned.

Mr ‘A’ who trained as a barber

“I am now working in a barbers shop in my town. I like my work very much. I like to be able to help others. The course changed my life. Before I always went to people and ask for something. Now people come to me, they need my skills and I can serve them. My economic and social situation has improved a lot.”

Mr ‘H’ who trained as a car electrician

“I work in the same workshop as I trained in. The trainer was happy to keep me. I am happy with the salary and the work. I wanted to stay here a bit longer to develop my skills and learn more. I fix all electric problems in the car. The trainer agrees that he can do this and is very happy with his work. He said he is never absent. H: “ the trainer treat me like his son”. I am very happy with the course and the work, because I learned everything. Before I could not do anything and now I am successful. This course has had a very positive effect on my life and I see a future now because I have skills.”