(2005) Letters to the Kurdish Prime Minister

In September 2005 the working children who use the facilities of the drop-in-centre wrote to the Kurdish Prime Minister to ask for assistance and help. 120 working children drew pictures expressing their appreciated for the STEP drop-in-centre and asking the Kurdish government for assistance. The letters were presented by STEP staff members and a working child who spoke on behalf of other working children.

“My name is ‘S’ I am 10 years old. I work in a metal shop, helping the metal workers. This drawing means: first the steps to the drop-in centre, the rooms in the drop-in centre and the children hold the banner saying: “please don’t close”. (The flag is the Kurdish flag)”


“I am a working child. My name is ‘B’, I am 12 years old. I work as a street vendor, I show my things on my hands and try to sell them.
Picture 1 – drop-in (rest) centre for children.
Picture 2 – we don’t let anybody to close the DIC. Long live the staff of the DIC
Picture 3 – if they close the DIC we go on the street and will make demonstration
Picture 4 – they will be happy if the DIC is open all the time.
Picture 5 – keep the drop in centre open”