(2003-8) Carpentry Training

For older boys (aged between 14-17) who had not completed their primary education, it was very difficult to find a good employment. The vocational training aimed to provide quality vocational training and employment for children who were unable to return to school. It gave them an opportunity to improve their skills, grow in confidence and elf-worth. The programme sought to increase the quality of life of beneficiaries in a sustainable manner and allow them to earn a living that is legal, moral, responsible and fulfilling.

An international carpenter had developed a vocational training programme for the boys, which lasted 18 months to 3 years. The programme was aimed at developing good competence in a range of carpentry skills. The course also provided some income for the boys, as products were sold in the market.

The goal of this project was to reduce poverty by providing meaningful employment for vulnerable children. The boys who have completed the three training have all found meaningful employment, some in carpentry.

The boys who participated in the vocational training programme received a small weekly stipend (transport, food and compensation for lost income). The stipends came from sponsors in Germany and the UK.

At the request of the management of the juvenile reformatory, one of the local carpenters who finished the three years training with STEP, provided basic carpentry skills courses to the boys in the reformatory. The boys enjoyed learning to work with wood, making games and simple household items.