(2002-7) Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

If you have helped us by sponsoring an individual child over the last years we want to thank you on behalf of the child and the family. We know this has made a difference in their lives.Children from very poor families were sponsored to encourage them to return to school. This sponsor programme is ran in partnership with a local NGO. When the programme began in 2002, 15 children were sponsored. This number gradually reduced as children finished education, or due their age decided to find work. During 2007 seven children were been sponsored. At the end of the school year June 2007, three of the girls sponsored were married and three of the boys dropped out to find work. Only one girl continues to receive support. She is now 19 yrs and studying at university.

We are not continuing with this programme but would encourage people to sponsor the work of the Drop-in centre and support working and vulnerable children in general. By donating just £20 per month you could help 12 children to keep accessing the facilities offered at the centre. Over 2,000 different children visited the centre last year. Help us keep it open for them.

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