Drop-in Centre

10th Birthday of the Drop-in Centre

Since the Centre opened in 2002 over 150,000 visits have been made by nearly 8000 different boys. These boys have all had opportunity to rest, make friends, receive counselling, engage in music making, art and sports activities, help with schoolwork, as well gain access to medical and legal advice.

A large group of present and former users attended the Birthday Party. Official speeches were made by those who have worked at the Centre and the boys were encouraged to write their own tributes in a book created for that purpose.

Tributes poured in with comments such as:
“Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary.
The things I learnt at the DIC are very important to me.”

“The DIC is like a mother for children.”

“The DIC really does well. We learn certain things there like how to treat others,
how to play and how to study and continue schooling.”

“From this centre I learnt carpentry and I still work in it.”

Mobile Drop-in Centre

We were able to raise sufficient funds to purchase a bus which has been operational since April 2011 and will be functioning as a mobile centre to provide support to working children who are working in different areas around the city, during the school holidays.

The mobile drop centre is an extension of the drop-in centre in the market and has the same aims and provides similar services to the working children.